What is GOJAI?

GOJAI (pronounced GO-HI) is a caffeinated sparkling water made with real fruit.

What does GOJAI mean?

Our name comes from the location of our founder’s farm in picturesque Ojai, California.

Where can I buy GOJAI?

You can buy GOJAI right from our site.

Do I need to keep GOJAI in the fridge?

For the best GOJAI experience, we recommend you serve it cold. We also recommend you store our product in a cool place, out of direct sunlight.

What’s the story behind your caffeine?

GOJAI gets its perfectly measured kick from green, non-GMO coffee beans. You can expect the same pick-me-up you’d get from a cup of tea or a traditional soda.

GOJAI tastes so good, is it artificially sweetened?

No. In fact, there’s no sugar added either. The only sugar in our recipe is naturally occurring in the fruit.

Do your products contain GMOs?

We’re happy to report that our recipes are GMO-free as indicated on our packaging.

Are your products Kosher or Gluten Free?

Yes. And yes.

Is GOJAI pasteurized?

Yes. All our beverages are fully pasteurized.

Are your cans lined with BPA?

No, all of our cans are BPA-free.

What does the date on the packaging really mean?

We want you to have the best GOJAI experience so, naturally, we included a best by date. You can find it on the bottom of the can or on the outside packaging of any four-pack.

How does my product ship?

Standard ground shipping is free within the continental US. Shipments typically arrive in 2-5 business days.