GOJAI Founder, Lindsay Chambers’ love of nature inspired her to move to a farm in one of the world’s premier growing areas: Ojai, California. Here, the perfect blend of rich soil, California sunshine and high standards yield fruit that’s in high demand. Lindsay’s other great love? Her family. So when her mom was diagnosed with cancer, she took time off to be by her side. While undergoing chemotherapy, her mom decided to give up her daily traditional diet caffeinated soda routine, but she couldn’t find a simple, healthy caffeinated alternative on the market. Energy drinks had too much caffeine and unnecessary additives. And like many people, she liked the simplicity of sparkling water.

Lindsay’s passion and purpose collided. She knew she had to create a healthier alternative to diet caffeinated soda. Something simple. Something clean. Something that would replace the diet soda in her family’s fridge. Tirelessly working and reworking recipes, that something became GOJAI, a different kind of caffeinated sparkling beverage. A labor of love.

Watch Lindsay being interviewed on the Lifetime Channel morning show about her story HERE.

Executive Team

Lindsay Chambers

Lindsay Chambers
Founder & CEO

Chambers had been a successful interior designer and real estate developer for a decade, when a purpose driven idea inspired her to change careers. Seeing her mother unable to find a good replacement for her daily diet soda while undergoing chemotherapy for cancer, Lindsay realized that caffeinated soda drinkers needed a simple, clean, healthy alternative. Lindsay spent the next year and a half perfecting this alternative and running the operations from her avocado and citrus farm in Ojai, California, introducing Gojai Organic in January 2020.

Prior to Gojai, Chambers was a nationally recognized interior designer and custom home developer and received numerous awards and accolades, including being called one of "today's most talented designers" by USA Today and considered part of the "new guard" of designers by Luxe Magazine for 2019. Her design work has been featured in Architectural Digest, House Beautiful, Luxe Magazine, Better Homes & Gardens, the San Francisco Chronicle, and the New York Times and she's also appeared on HGTV. Chambers graduated with a B.A. from Wake Forest University and a M.A. from Stanford University. She received Wake Forest's Excellence in Entrepreneurship Award in 2017 and currently serves on their Board of Trustees.

Lindsay Chambers

Barbara Chung

GOJAI's COO Barbara Chung has led strategic and operational initiatives in the beverage industry for 15 years. Before joining GOJAI, Barbara served as Director of Financial Planning & Analysis for FIJI Water, JUSTIN Vineyards & Winery, and Landmark Vineyards. She drove strategic growth by guiding initiatives such as acquisitions, product innovation, and route-to-market changes. Prior to this, Barbara oversaw post-merger integration of JUSTIN Vineyards & Winery into the FIJI Water Group and guided strategic planning for the newly acquired winery. In the first year after acquisition, JUSTIN sales increased 16% and EBITDA doubled, while winemaking capacity tripled and vineyard holdings grew from 63 acres to over 1,000 acres. Barbara holds an A.B. in English & American Literature and Language from Harvard University, and an M.B.A. from UCLA Anderson School of Management.

Lindsay Chambers

Derika Legg
Vice President of Sales

Derika spent the first 15 years of her career with Heineken and PepsiCo, managing a variety of brands, customers and territories across the US and internationally. She spent the last 4 years as a consultant, working on small startup to mid-size companies and organizations, helping with their business and people development. Her passion is around building brands with purpose and developing high-performing teams behind them.

When Derika is not working, you will most likely find her on the rugby pitch. She played for 15 years and now coaches the University of California San Diego Women’s Rugby Team and the San Diego Women’s Club Rugby Team.


From the get-go, GOJAI’s passion to do better was infused with purpose. It’s why we created our recipes sourcing only the cleanest, healthiest ingredients.

It’s also why we are supporting the environment and giving back to the public school systems. Gojai gives 1% of its profits to local environmental and clean water causes around Ojai, and also provides a college scholarship every year to the local public high school through its Gojai Scholars program. 

Give with Gojai Organic