White Drops

Great taste starts with great water

We start with an advanced reverse osmosis triple filtration to make sure that every can gives you the healthiest, cleanest and safest experience sip after sip.

Nicely bubbled and flavored with real organic fruit

And gently caffeinated with clean, green organic coffee beans

The most natural source of caffeine: organic, non-GMO, unroasted... only the best for GOJAI!

Green beans
Each can has the same caffeeine as a half a cup of coffee

Our Story

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Gojai creator Lindsay was looking to help her mother, who was undergoing cancer treatment, find a healthier and natural alternative to her daily caffeinated soda routine. Her mom was not a coffee drinker, and the other options in their search either had too much sugar or just didn’t taste good... her mom, naturally, only deserved the best … so she created it! It was the beginning of a purpose filled opportunity that launched the Gojai brand journey from Lindsay’s farm in Ojai, California.

Our desire is simple – Gojai just wants to add little good and a friendly fizz to our lives (and the world) in the moments when we need it.


HeartsA commitment of caring


Giving makes our world go 'round

From the get-go, GOJAI’s passion to do better was infused with purpose. It’s why we created our recipes sourcing only the cleanest, healthiest ingredients.

It’s also why we are supporting the environment and giving back to the public school systems. Gojai gives 1% of its profits to local environmental and clean water causes.

Giving Gojai Organic