GOJAI Founder, Lindsay Chambers’ love of nature inspired her to build her own farm in one of the world’s premier growing areas: Ojai, California. Here, the perfect blend of rich soil, California sunshine and high standards yield fruit that’s in high demand. Lindsay’s other great love? Her family. So when her mom was diagnosed with cancer, she took time off to be by her side. This was when Lindsay noticed her mother's daily diet caffeinated soda routine, a habit she knew was unhealthy but wouldn't give up.

Lindsay’s passion and purpose collided. She knew she had to create a healthier alternative to diet caffeinated soda. Something simple. Something clean. Something that would replace the diet soda in her family’s fridge. Tirelessly working and reworking recipes, that something became GOJAI, a different kind of caffeinated sparkling beverage. A labor of love.


As a grower-owned company, GOJAI believes what you put in your body should be the best nature has to offer. When it comes to produce, the best nature has to offer comes from our farms and other like-minded growers in California and the Pacific Northwest. Farmers who share not just our values, but also a commitment to the best growing practices.


From the get-go, GOJAI’s passion to do better was infused with purpose. It’s why we created our recipes sourcing only the cleanest, healthiest ingredients.

It’s also why we are supporting the environment and giving back to the public school systems. Gojai gives 1% of its profits to local environmental and clean water causes around Ojai, and also provides a college scholarship every year to the local public high school through its Gojai Scholars program.